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Brandon Westgate is now riding for Element. Check...

Brandon Westgate is now riding for Element. Check out his intro part on The Berrics now.

Bet you didn't see this one coming! Brandon Westgate is officially Element's newest pro. Take a moment to watch this and appreciate one of the greatest to ever ride a skateboard. This edit is no joke.

Owner carolineschnapp commented on Apr 8, 2014 Updated to be compatible with color swatches. Alntjan commented on Nov 21, 2014 Hi! Is it possible to grey out or write Sold Out on the variants instead of hiding them? makebistro commented on Feb 17 Hi Caroline, I implemented this code and it works great, however if I console.log(variant) in the selectCallback function, it logs it 2-3 times on each refresh or change in the dropdown. If I remove the code and console.log(variant) in the callback, it shows it one time as it should. Any fix?